Why should you JOIN US?
The Masonry Association of Florida (MAF) is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to expanding the market share of masonry construction in Florida. ​Masonry construction dominates the construction industry because of its adaptability to the Florida climate.  One of the most durable building  products available, masonry resists storms, termites and mold, while reducing energy costs, maintenance and noise.  ​The MAF is a coalition of Florida masonry industry professionals who believe it's time to bring our industry together. 





Together we are stronger. The old adage "There is Strength in Numbers" holds true when discussing the MAF's influence throughout the masonry industry.  In 2015, the MAF, with support from other associations and masonry producers,  successfully completed the process of lobbying and passing into law, the very first Masonry Check-Off Program in the United States.  The MAF supports a Join the MAF, see what strength we have in our numbers. 
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Quality Control.  When your association provides discounted rates on education, you are able to develop your own personal workforce and ensure the quality of the masonry products you install in Florida.  The MAF provides Masonry Certification Level I for mason contractors, masons in the field, industry professionals as well as building officials and engineers, and is currently working on Level II certification.   Additionally, through our partnership with the American Institute of Architects - Florida Caribbean Chapter we are educating architects and masonry specifiers by providing them with quality education that reinforces the benefits of masonry construction. Learn more>

Preparing the next generation.The recent financial recession in Florida drove many mason contractors out of business, leaving experienced masons with only two choices: relocate their family to continue their career, or enter a new industry, not related to masonry construction.  Florida is facing a dire need for qualified masons of all levels. Additionally, retirement of the current skilled mason population threatens to decimate the industry over the next decade.  Recruiting, training and retaining the next generation of masons is vital to the health of the entire masonry industry.
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